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Having Problems Logging In?
Are you sure you are using the right name and password for this site? Passwords and usernames ARE case sensitive - you must enter your username and password exactly as you originally typed it in when you first joined our site.
If you are still experiencing problems please contact SUPPORT we'll be happy to help!
Please do not 'lend' your membership details to anyone! If you are using AOL, we strongly suggest using another browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. They're both free to download and use!

How do I dispute a billing?
Do you think you have been charged in error? Were you billed twice in the same month? Contact your Billing Agent via our SUPPORT page.

I forgot my username and password?
Contact the Billing Agent you signed up to your membership with (CCBill, SurfNet or IPD). Your Billing Agent's name will be on your credit card statement.

You can contact them via this SUPPORT page.

State your full name and the email address you used when signing up in order to make it easier for your transaction number to be found. If you have your transaction number or account number please send these as well as they make the lookup of your username and password easier.

How do I cancel my subscription?
Putting any pet to sleep can be traumatic but here at Petgirls cancelling your subscription is painlessly easy and almost instantaneous:

Cancel your membership here!

Why should I join?
When you join you are helping to keep women in their rightful place - on their knees, collared, leashed, muzzled and grovelling at mens feet. Just $25 helps to pay toward keeping women who, might otherwise be roaming the streets of our fair cities parallel parking or filling the ozone layer with harmful CFCs on a very short leash.

Who do I pay? directs all its new credit card transactions thru the billing system of CCbill.
CCBill offers multi-card use, real-time credit card and online check authorizations in a secure environment featuring SSL & PGP Encryption methods. This is the very best in online security!

What name will appear on my credit card bill?
'Benson Media', if you sign up with CCBill. Older memberships will show 'SurfNet' or 'IPD' on your credit card statement - pretty non-descript , huh?

Do I have to re-subscribe?
Billing is recurring once monthly for members paying by credit card.

How long does my membership last after I cancel?
Your membership lasts for the full duration of the month that you paid for. If you are billed on the 10th and you cancel on the 12th, your membership will still be active until the 10th of the next month.