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Petgirls mascot Cherry English was 22 years old when she tried and failed at mouth catch. Let's see how she does second time around..
#toy breed #catch
What have you missed? What have you been doing? Was it worth it?

Katie - Yap Stuff

#toy breed #yapstuff

The oral examination of any animal is an extremely important health check, especially for a snowflake breed petgirl like Katie where her dignity can be removed at the same time..


Xena - Dog Leashed

#cow breed #leash #tail

Greek Cow Breed Xena is crawled on the dog leash with a pretty buttplug tail to remind her of her new petgirl status...

louise lee

Louise - Hot Dog

#bimbo breed #dogfeed

Bimbo Breed Louise is on her knees (as usual) feeding on cheap wieners like a circus poodle for our dubious entertainment....


Katie - Dog Leash

#toy breed #dogleash #tail

Pretty snowflake and Toy breed Katie is buttplug tailed and dog leashed..making our Members Requests a reality....


Prada - Dog Feed

#bimbo breed #dogfeed

Why is Bimbo breed Prada dressed as a cow and slurping cream from a dog bowl like the pedigree pussy she clearly is? All is revealed within..

katie cooper

Xena - Yap Stuff

#cow breed #yapstuff

Cow breed petgirl Xena has her slutty yap inspected and stuffed with objects..her thick ass stuffed with a pet tail..


Louise - Vet Exam

#bimbo breed #manhandled

Dumb bitch Louise Lee crawls up onto the vet's table where she is stripped of her human clothes, examined, measured and manhandled..

louise lee

Louise - Transformed

#bimbo breed #poodle

Petgirl Louise has been trained on and off for several years and there was a time when she was a MILF breed. Now it's time for her to be re-classified properly..


Dani Uddered

#MILF breed #messy

Stuck up bitch Dani makes things worse for herself. I've made it my new hobby to find ways of humiliating this aged meat each time it holds out it's greedy paw for cash..


Xena - DTF

#cow breed #doortofloor

Hurrah! Our very first Greek breed bitch. Onto the floor she goes complete with dog collar to start animal training. Look at the quality of that slow roast lamb fattened rump..


Prada - Mouth Catch

#bimbo breed #mouthcatch

Beautiful dimwit Prada is a pedigree Bimbo breed and therefore finds it a breeze to catch cheap candy in her inflated yap..

louise lee

Louise Lee - Poodle

#bimbo breed #poodle #manhandled

Bimbo breed petgirl Louise Lee is treated with some brain melting Poodle training and rewarded with a bowl of dicks..

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We help make Member Massamo's fantasy a reality..

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Training Women to behave since 2002 we have 100s of petgirls!

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Photo Features with background information about training..

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Everything you need to know about the cult of Petgirls..

Peter Putin, Luhansk
"My turnip crop and prize winning goat was ruined this year by those bastard missiles innit. So what else I do but sit indoors in me adidas tracksuit and slippers and play the Call of Duty until it all over and we can carry on. What is the katsap?"
D.Trump, Florida
"Imagine my horror when I woke to find I was not the most powerful man in the whole wide world. It was not a bad dream it's true. I rolled over on to Imalia and as usual received a cheeky finger up my pie hole. Not enough! So I had to resubscribe to just to get a little stiffy."
Herbert Markle, LA
"With a lot of spare time on my hands I was wondering what I could do with my time. I have lots of ace toys - my hobby horse, playstation, jigsaws and a real life Megan. But Little Harry will really stand to attention whenever I go online to my favourite internet show -"
Megan Kardashian, NJ
"Imagine my horror when I found my popular TV show had been cancelled and I was going to have to live a private undocumented life once more. I simply cannot poo without a camera filming it. I'm utterly devastated beyond all belief. Petgirls? What's that? Are there cameras involved?"

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